Instructions relevant to this page:
The distribution graph charts the number of hits at each e-value cutoff. The x-axis is labelled as the -log10 of the actual e-value, thus the number 10 would correspond to an e-value of 1e-10. The larger x-axis value you select, the more stringent cutoff you are applying to the full pool of hits. You will only see hits of that e-value or stronger mapped to the KEGG pathways. The y-axis simply shows the number of hits in total meeting a particular e-value cutoff for the currently selected species.

To move on, please enter and submit the threshold value beneath which you do not want to see hits mapped to the KEGG pathways. Choosing a higher value means seeing fewer hits mapped.

Current mappings were made against KEGG release 68.0 (October 2013)

Threshold: 1e-