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Ascaris suum Data Files

Last update: 09/25/2012

Silencing of Germline-Expressed Genes by DNA Elimination in Somatic Cells.

Wang, et al. Developmental Cell (2012)


germline_genome.fa.gz - Assembled Ascaris germline genome sequence (version 1.0)

somatic_genome.fa.gz - Assembled Ascaris somatic genome sequence (version 1.0)

cDNAs: - de-novo cDNA assembly (version 2.0)

germline_tophat.fa.gz - map-based cDNA assembly, using Ascaris germline genome as the reference (version 1.0)

germline_integrated.gff3 - GFF file for the integrated Ascaris germline gene model (version 1.0)

germline_integrated_mRNA.fa.gz - mRNA sequences for the integrated Ascaris gene model (version 1.0)

germline_integrated_protein.fa.gz - protein sequences derived from mRNA sequences for the integrated Ascaris gene model (version 1.0)

Small RNAs from the Germline and Embryos of Ascaris Reveal their Conservation, Divergence, and Surprising Early Expression in Nematodes

Jianbin Wang1, Benjamin Czech2, Amanda Crunk1, Adam Wallace1, Makedonka Mitreva3, Gregory J. Hannon2, and Richard E. Davis1

1 Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, University of Colorado School of Medicine
2 Watson School of Biological Sciences, HHMI Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
3 Genetics and Genome Center, Washington University School of Medicine

Ascaris_Genome_Contigs_v1.fa.gz - Ascaris suum genome assembly, 118,056 contigs (version 1.0)

Ascaris_cDNA_All_v1.fa.gz - Ascaris suum cDNA assembly, 65,952 contigs (version 1.0)

Ascaris_cDNA_Annotated_v1.fa.gz - Ascaris suum cDNA assembly, annotated, 14,556 contigs (version 1.0)

Ascaris_cDNA_Annotated_Full_Length_v1.fa.gz - Ascaris suum cDNA assembly, annotated and in full length, 8,268 contigs (version 1.0) v4.0(AWS)    Copyright Statement
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