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Species Xiphinema index

Photo Credit:
NC State University

Common Name: Dagger nematode
Clade: Clade I
Disease: Migratory ectoparasite of grapevine and other perennial species
Libraries: Library links
Sequencing: The Genome Institute at Washington University, Scottish Crop Research Institute
External Collaborators: John T. Jones ( jjones@scri.sari.ac.uk ) Scottish Crop Research Institute, UK.
Qin Ling ( Ling.Qin@wur.nl ) Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Project Contact: Makedonka Mitreva
NemaGene information: NemaGene Sanger EST count :5,448
NemaBLAST database: BLAST vs. reads grouped by library
BLAST vs. transcript contigs & genes
NemFam database: NemFam search
GO Associations: GO Associations
KEGG Associations: NemaPath
Nembase4 species page: Xiphinema index species page at Nembase4

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