Species table : Ascaris lumbricoides

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Species Ascaris lumbricoides

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The anterior end of Ascaris lumbricoides

Common Name: Large roundworm of humans
Clade: Clade III
Disease: Ascaris is the most common nematode parasite of humans, infecting an estimated 1.47 billion individuals. Pathology can result from pneumonia caused by the worm`s migration through the lungs, blocking of the gastrointestinal track or the bile or pancreatic duct. Ascaris lumbricoides is physically indistinguishable from Ascaris suum.
Sequencing: Edinburgh University (Blaxter Lab) with the Sanger Centre, Hinxton, UK.
External Collaborators: Please contact Mark Blaxter to establish a collaboration.
Project Contact: Makedonka Mitreva
Codon usage table: Codon Usage table
KEGG Associations: KEGG Associations(EST contigs)
Nembase4 species page: Ascaris lumbricoides species page at Nembase4

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