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Software availability

assembly_screen A tool for screening assemblies or other pools of sequence for contaminents
estfreq Statistical tool for investigating the complexity of pools of sequences
ICAtools A set of programs that could be of use to anyone doing medium-to-large scale DNA sequencing projects
MCL Markov Cluster Algorithm
parse_pfam_stats Mines statistics on the current Pfam release

Decompression Tools

Mac Compression/Decompression Tools
Various Macintosh compression tools are available from the site link below:
Mac Compression Tools

Windows Compression/Decompression Tool
The WinGZip compression/decompression tool is available from:
WinGZip home

Multi-platform Compression/Decompression Tool
The Zip/Unzip compression/decompression tools are available for many platforms. Follow this link to get to the Zip/Unzip home:
Zip/Unzip home

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