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Species Ancylostoma caninum

photo courtesy of Eisenback and Zunke: http://www.mactode.com
Image: Anterior end of adult Ancylostoma caninum.

Common Name: Dog Hookworm
Clade: Clade V
Disease: Hookworms attach to capillary beds in the small intestine of a host where they suck blood resulting in anemia. The dog hookworm can be used as a disease model for the human hookworm.
Animal parasite.
Libraries: Library links
Available cDNAs:
Sanger:   88016
454:   1492502
Illumina:   0
Available WGS:
Sanger:   94429
454:   3178335
Illumina:   23422314
Sequencing: The Washington University Nematode EST Project, The Genome Institute, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO.
External Collaborators: John Hawdon, George Washington University, Washington DC. mtmjmh@gwumc.edu
Prema Arasu, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina. Prema_Arasu@ncsu.edu
Project Contact: Makedonka Mitreva
NemaGene information: NemaGene Cluster Search
Sanger-based cluster count :4020
454-based cluster count       :19277
NemaBLAST database: BLAST vs. reads grouped by library
BLAST vs. transcript contigs & genes
Codon usage table: Codon Usage table
Nemabrowser gene annotations: NemaBrowse
GO Associations: GO Associations
KEGG Associations: KEGG Associations(EST contigs)
Assembly data availability: cDNA assembly available
NCBI BioProject id: PRJNA72585
Nembase4 species page: Ancylostoma caninum species page at Nembase4

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